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Ulcerative Colitis/Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a condition that is very well served by the naturopathic and integrative approach used in our clinic. Conventional treatment of IBD involvingcorticosteroids, anti-inflammatories, and other immunosuppressive agents, as well as surgery, has limitations in addressing the full range of disease mechanisms, and in meeting patient goals to work more deeply on the root of their condition. Contact Express Healing to know more about Ulcerative Colitis Treatment world wide!

Ulcerative Colitis treatment Sydney

In IBD, patients with an apparent genetic predisposition express a maladaptation response, with inflammatory, immunological, nutritional, and often hormonal dysregulation. The resulting symptoms include intestinal pain, cramps, diarrhea, bleeding, fistula formation, and even obstruction. These are serious and at times debilitating symptoms. For this reason, the naturopathic and integrative method combines conventional therapies, as needed, with complementary and alternative approaches to decrease symptoms, heal the condition, and when possible, put the inflammatory bowel disease into a state of sustainable quiescence, remission, or a state of “cure” in uncommon cases.

The integrative approach “integrates” several perspectives on the disease into one treatment program, treating the whole person and not simply the inflamed bowel.

The departure point for treatment begins with what is known:

• There is genetic predisposition to IBD

• Disrupted “intestinal homeostasis” abounds

• Diet influences the course of disease

• Abnormal flora and organisms are part of a changed intestinal milieu

• The normal cycle of inflammation is out of control

• Free radical, or “oxidative” damage occurs at an alarming rate

• There is “auto-immune” activity and considerable immunological impairment

• Anti-inflammatory and immune-suppressive drugs control the course of acute bouts of the disease

• Psycho-spiritual “states” appear to influence the disease

• Stresses and stress management techniques appear to affect the course of the disease.

• Non-immunological factors such as pancreatic insufficiency, intestinal permeability, and gastric hypoacidity exist in many cases.

• The disease occurs in the context of total health and not in isolation

• Non-conventional understandings of the disease process, as in Chinese Medicine or the field of homeopathy, lead to treatments, which can help patients markedly.

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