Are you suffering from Obesity? Learn more about Obesity Treatment World wide.

Do you suffer from Obesity and feel like you’re nevobesity treatment Sydneyer going to get healthy? Are you tired of spending money on doctor visits, gyms, and pills only to be more disappointed? If you want a treatment plan where prescription drugs are out and natural cures are in, then you’ve come to the right place! Find out more about our obesity treatment World wide with Express Healing.

Our holistic treatment approach uses noninvasive techniques to assess the physical, emotional and mental influences and causes of your health problems. If you’re ready to make effective diet and lifestyle changes that support your body’s natural healing ability for an effective anxiety cure, pain cure, or whatever ailment you may be suffering from, the answer is Naturopathy.

Obesity is the disease of our day and age. Coupled with stress, it kills more Australians than anything else. The first step is to a cure is determining what the obesity is caused by:

  • Underactive thyroid?  Cure: Speed up and regulate thyroid action.
  • Emotional problems/trauma? Cure: Nourish the nerve system, which will cause elimination of depression, anxiety and mood elevation.
  • Craving sugar, fat, salt, etc., and generally have a big appetite? Cure: Use appropriate herbs and nutrients that lower appetite and balance female hormones (where appropriate), and reduce cravings.
  • Suffering from body aches/arthritis and pains that make exercise impossible? Cure: With Naturopathy, we get rid of them first.

Improving one’s diet and lifestyle are essential issues in weight loss. Fat metabolizing and lymphatic cleansing nutrients are used in therapeutic doses. These include: choline bitatrate, inositol, L-carnitine, taurine, Taraxacum, Iris, Gymnema, Tien chi, Fucus, Foeniculum, just to name a few. Exercise starts from power walking daily then increases to a more aerobic workout.

Naturopathy comprises a range of modalities such as Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Reiki, Diet Counseling, Physical Therapy, etc. As part of a treatment plan the Naturopathic Doctor will also educate the patient about the cause of their health problems and how to improve such things as diet and life-style to assist in the healing and recovery process.

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