Looking for Naturopathy in New South Wales? Express Healing Treats Patients Naturally in NSW

Are you tired of prescription medications? If so, it might be time to connect with a New South Wales naturopathy practitioner.

For more than 5,000 years, the human race has been using natural therapies to address illness and disease. These natural remedies—including herbs, nutrients and natural foods—have been around for so long that there is a common inclination to assume they are outdated. This assumption has led to our society’s reliance on prescription drugs and synthetic medicines. The thing is that these drugs are still often based on herbs as their ‘active ingredients.’ The difference is that most synthetic drugs don’t include enough of a herb or nutrient to qualify as a ‘therapeutic dose.’ In other words, these drugs are often not doing as much as a simple herbal remedy could do at the right dose.

The Therapeutic Dose: How to Get More out of Natural Remedies

If you are looking for a naturopath in NSW to help you gain a deeper understanding of how herbal remedies and other natural healing methods, you have come to the right place. Express Healing has been operating for more than 30 years. We have an extensive knowledge base when it comes to supporting the body and mind naturally. Our strategies vary depending on the patient but typically include some mix of diet and lifestyle changes, exercise and herbal remedies.

One thing we understand that most pharmaceutical companies definitively do not is the so-called ‘therapeutic dose.’ Even people who add herbal supplements or herbal extracts to their day-to-day diet often don’t realise just how much of a herbal remedy they need to achieve results. A common dose of a herbal extract mix might be five millilitres. A true therapeutic dosage is closer to 30 millilitres—six times as much.

When you come to Express Healing for New South Wales naturopathy, we will help you understand and plan for what your nutritional supplement intake should be. We can recommend specific herbal remedies or amino acid treatments, tailored to suit your condition or illness. We can also instruct you on how much of a particular remedy to take, and at what kind of interval. With our help, you will be able to unlock the benefits of a true therapeutic dose.

Achieve Faster Health Benefits When You Work with Express Healing as Your Naturopath in NSW

One of the significant benefits of a therapeutic dose of plant-based herbal medicine is that it goes to work immediately. There is no extended wait time to see results. Some of our patients even report feeling the effects of a therapeutic dose within minutes. For patients who have been struggling with chronic pain or life-disrupting anxiety for a long period, the power and advantage of this speedy relief cannot be overstated.

Put simply, at Express Healing; we believe that natural medicine is the future of medicine. Our ancestors relied on these remedies for aeons, and we can continue to rely on them today. To start unlocking the benefits of herbs, amino acid treatments and other natural medicine strategies, call Express Healing today.