Explore Herbal Supplements and Natural Medicine with the Help of a Naturopath in Melbourne, Victoria

Many patients are interested in exploring the ins and outs of herbal medicine. However, it can be challenging to get tailored medical advice that focuses on herbal supplements and other natural methods. Most healthcare practitioners focus more on the methods of ‘modern medicine,’ such as prescription medications. However, many of these drugs are highly addictive and carry other dangerous side effects. Natural medicine can help treat a diverse array of different conditions, with no side effects, in a more affordable way. The question is, where can you get the advice you need on how to get started with natural medicine?

Express Healing: Your Naturopath in Melbourne, Victoria

If you’ve been trying to learn more about herbal supplements in Melbourne and the greater Victoria area, then Express Healing can help. We work with patients to teach them about natural medicine and to guide them on how to use herbs and other techniques to heal or improve conditions including depression, anxiety, chronic pain and autoimmune disorders.

Through detailed conversations with our naturopath, you will learn more about your condition and yourself. You will learn about the philosophy, the history and the concepts behind natural medicine. You will learn which herbs are proven to be beneficial for treating your symptoms, as well as why those herbs have the effect they do. You won’t be left wondering what side effects you are going to experience when you wake up in the morning, or whether you will develop an unhealthy dependence on your medication.

How We Help Patients with Phone Consultations

Express Healing serves many patients as a naturopath in Melbourne—even though our offices are not in Melbourne, Victoria.

Express Healing is in Sydney. However, because qualified and experienced naturopaths are so tricky to find—and because we want to make as big a difference as we can—we frequently conduct phone consultations with patients who don’t live in our backyard.

From Perth to Brisbane to Darwin to Auckland, we have worked with patients from all over Australia and even in New Zealand. If there isn’t a naturopath in your area, or if you have been dealing with a condition that we treat at Express Healing, get in touch with us about scheduling a phone consultation. We would love the opportunity to discuss your situation and help you unlock the considerable powers of natural medicine.

We can also help you get your hands on the right herbal supplements in Melbourne and greater Victoria. While herbal supplements are available to purchase without a prescription—and are more affordable than prescription drugs, to boot—that doesn’t mean they are always easy to find. Your local store may or may not have what you need. No worries: if we determine that a herbal supplement regimen is right for treating your condition, we’ll send the recommended supplements directly to you via mail.

Do you have any questions? Contact Express Health today.