Looking for an Alternative Treatment in Australia? Our Australian Naturopath will Help

Do you suffer from anxiety, chronic pain, depression or other ailments? Our Australian Naturopath is experienced and knowledgeable in natural therapies that will help you to ease your symptoms and incorporate new strategies into your means of managing your condition. We provide an alternative to conventional treatment methods and use natural remedies to help you respond to your illness.

At Express Healing, we have more than 30 years of experience working with a Naturopath. We help our patients to respond to their ailments with alternative therapy and strategies that may play a role in improving their physical, mental, and emotional state.

In-depth Consultations with Our Naturopath in Australia

During our consultations, we take the time to get an overview of your body’s health and conditions to ensure that we can develop an appropriate strategy for your natural therapy. Our Australian Naturopath will ask about your medical history and current ailments. We will also carry out several non-invasive assessment tests such as an iris analysis to gain a better understanding of your overall health.

We understand that diseases, medical conditions, and illnesses can manifest in completely different ways in the people who are experiencing them. We tailor a natural treatment plan for your individual needs. Our Naturopath consults with patients in Australia either on-site or via the phone and works to identify obstacles that could be playing a role in your body’s natural healing processes. For each patient, we create a plan to help educate and encourage him or her to understand and take responsibility for lifelong health while making sure that his or her diet and lifestyle reflect balance.

Our Australian patients will undertake a holistic approach to their health and experience the potential benefits of addressing physical, mental, and emotional states in one course of treatment. We can sometimes help to manage and minimise the side effects of conventional medicines. Our natural therapies are gentle and are typically easy to implement into your lifestyle.

We Help Manage Many Ailments

We believe that patients experiencing conditions such as anxiety, depression, pain, fatigue, allergies, cancer, and many other ailments have many different options at their disposal to better understand their condition, including understanding how a combination of natural dietary supplements, botanical medicine, and traditional alternative therapies can play a role in their health. Our experienced Naturopath will advise each patient about options for implementing a diet change, improving physical activity levels, and selecting natural therapies to play a role in the management of their condition or symptom relief, including undergoing Acupuncture or Acupressure.

Whether your condition primarily concerns your mental, physical or emotional state, we give you a therapy plan that will provide you with new options for better understanding your body and managing the symptoms of your condition. Even for patients who are not currently experiencing significant discomfort or dealing with a diagnosis, we can help create a strategy to support the pursuit of lifelong balance and health.

You can have a consultation with our Naturopath either in person or, for those in Australia who are unable to make it to our clinic, a conversation via the phone. Contact us today to make an appointment for your tailored alternative treatment plan.