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How Herpes is Transmitted – Discovering that a genital herpes virus is present can be quite a shock. The first thing that most people want to know is how they got the disease in the first place. In almost all instances, genital herpes is transmitted by actively engaging in a sexual relationship. Alternative methods of intimacy have a very low transmission rate; actual sexual intercourse or genital contact, during an active breakout, is necessary for the disease to be passed to a partner. If you are suffering from and are looking for Herpes 2 treatment world wide, contact Express Healing today.

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Reducing Risks

Now that you have a fairly clear idea of how the disease is transmitted, you can educate yourself about eradicating this parasite  for yourself and your partner. First, full disclosure is necessary for complete consent. Many couples, however, have a healthy intimate relationship when genital herpes is present. The best way to avoid transmission is to abstain from any genital contact when active lesions are present. Employing this one preventative measure will reduce your risk by more than 10%. If you couple this with other risk-reducing measures, the chances of passing on the infection drop even more. For example, preparations such as using condoms can also help.

Recognizing Symptoms

In order to avoid sexual contact when an outbreak is present, you must first recognize what the symptoms of an active or impending infection are. Active infections are characterized by open, oozing, itchy sores, known as herpes lesions. During this stage, transmission is highly likely. However, even before an outbreak occurs, the virus may be transmittable. If you feel your skin start to tingle, burn or itch, it could be a sign that an outbreak is eminent; sexual relations should be avoided beginning at this point.

Suppress the Virus

Many people are able to live quite normally with the presence of the genital herpes virus. Building your immune system is one of the best ways to minimise herpes outbreaks. You can also use topical preparations, to dry out and clear up active lesions. Many patients have found that using mms in partnership with other preventative techniques greatly reduces the chances of herpes transmission.

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