Using Natural Herbs for Support Alongside Your Cancer Treatment

A cancer diagnosis is a life-changing event and the start of a challenging journey. With the support of the medical professionals on your side, however, there is a clear path to follow and often a good chance of making it through to finding results. While this support and the treatment options available to you, such as radiation or chemotherapy, are essential for your wellness, they can often come with side effects that prove very disruptive to your life. Nausea, weight loss, weakness, and fatigue are all common experiences among those battling cancer. At Express Healing, we offer a wide range of herbs for cancer side effect mitigation.

Natural herbal remedies have been used for many centuries to treat common conditions, including nausea, to significant effect. By relying on these options in support of your regular cancer treatment, you can avoid introducing additional drugs into your system and the potential for even more side effects. You shouldn’t feel trapped in an endless cycle of taking medications and then using more medications to deal with the side effects of the initial diagnoses and so forth.

Instead, our compassionate naturopaths can work with you to make valuable contributions to restoring your quality of life. Any such changes should first be the subject of a discussion with your medical doctor. What can you expect when requesting help from our team?

How We Help You Unlock the Positive Benefits of Natural Herbs

A naturopath’s primary goal when working alongside a cancer patient is to determine which internal imbalances in bodily systems may contribute to your disease and to formulate a strategy for addressing those concerns. At the same time, we seek to help you control and manage the deleterious effects you may experience following chemotherapy sessions. Feeling fatigued, listless, and mentally drained after a treatment session can exacerbate the stress of your diagnosis. We provide helpful suggestions for lifestyle changes and supplements which can be an important factor in feeling stronger.

You know your body best. This knowledge is a fundamental fact that the Express Healing team respects from the word “go,” and it is why a thorough examination of your past, current, and future cancer treatment is vital. Our staff may then recommend alternative therapies for relief. Acupuncture, for example, is one popular choice that often helps to provide temporary pain relief and a reduction in the side effects of chemotherapy. We may also suggest supplements and natural herbs intended to help bolster your immune system, providing your body with the tools it needs to stay in fighting condition.

Reach Out to Express Healing for a Compassionate Conversation

While cancer treatment can be trying, having the right allies on your side can make an important difference in how you feel daily. Explore your options for naturally supporting your primary course of treatment with the team at Express Healing. We look forward to becoming an integral part of your journey. Contact us to make arrangements for a consultation about herbs.