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Hepatitis C is a virus induced disease that causes degeneration of the liver that eventually leads to cirrhosis or liver cancer. The infection is confirmed with an antibody test. The liver is the organ that can be regenerated faster than any other organ. Naturopathic approach is very successful in putting Hepatitis C into remission or getting rid of it altogether. This is done by simultaneous action, including boosting the immune system (example of herbs, Picrrohiza, Astragalus), repair of liver (Bupleurum, Silybum), protecting the liver (Taraxacum, Schizandra) and anti-viral herbs (Phyllanthus, Hypericum). To know more, contact Express Healing today for Hepatitis C Treatment world wide.

Hepatitis C Treatment Sydney

After commencement of Naturopathic protocol, blood tests will soon show decrease in blood serum enzymes, and later on viral load will level off and start diminishing.

To facilitate full recovery from Hepatitis C, long term discipline in lifestyle and positive attitude needs to be implemented (just like in HIV-AIDS, or cancer). In such cases life may be lived to the fullest extent.

Natural Hepatitis C Treatment world wide

There are, unfortunately, many people around the world who suffer from hepatitis. These people suffer from swelling and irritation of the liver caused by infection. Fortunately, there are many herbal hepatitis treatments available for those patients that are in need of relief and are ready to try something new.

Minor Bupleurum, also known as SST, which stands for sho-saiko-to, is an herbal formula made by the Chinese. This formula protects the liver and does two things. First, it increases components of the immune system which keeps the virus from forming more proteins. Second, it directly attacks the hepatitis virus. Studies show that SST also boosts the immune system. For patients who also have cirrhosis, SST has been shown to prevent the hepatitis from progressing into liver cancer.

Milk thistle is another herb used in the treatment of hepatitis. This herb is completely safe and helps promote liver cell renewal. It does not hinder any of the medications that are considered life-saving. Milk thistle is available at health food stores, and it can be used daily to help shield the liver from the effects of long-term inflammation caused by hepatitis.

Shiitake mushrooms are helpful for any person wanting to enhance their immune systems function. They also reduce the risk of some types of cancer and promote liver health.

Research has shown that these mushrooms have antiviral effects and are effective against the hepatitis viruses.

A universal weed is also known as an herbal hepatitis treatment. Dandelions have been used for liver illnesses throughout history, as they have a high nutrient content. The roots of this weed are used to restore liver function. Dandelions also improve patient’s digestion and promote appetite.

Artichokes are another herb that helps treat liver diseases. The leaves of the artichoke are known to be reliable and safe for all liver illnesses, and they also help heal gall bladder diseases. They help lower cholesterol, which is created in the liver, and they can aid in weight loss. This herb works well alone or with milk thistle and dandelions.

Liquorice is yet another herbal hepatitis treatment. It is an antiviral and anti-inflammatory drug that also improves the flavour of other herbal mixtures. Herbalists consider it a balancing agent, or a harmoniser, and it has been used effectively in treating people with the chronic hepatitis B virus.

If you are struggling with hepatitis symptoms, try some of these simple herbal hepatitis treatment options to aid your liver in fighting off the virus.

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