Suffering from Depression? Looking for depression treatment World wide? Express Healing can help treat your problem naturally.

depression treatment sydney The World Health Organisation estimates that 350 million people throughout the world suffer depression, which is one of humanity’s leading causes of disability. It is estimated that around one million people will have depression in any given year. This is not the sadness that comes with the death of a loved one or a major setback in life. It is a feeling of constant inner misery that robs you of all joy and turns your daily existence into a struggle. Many people turn to conventional medication to help them get through an episode of depression, but there are other options out there. If you’re looking for natural treatment world wide, contact Express Healing because we are here to help.

What is wrong with conventional medicine in treating depression?

When a doctor diagnoses you with depression their immediate next step will usually be to prescribe anti-depressant medication. This can work, but it is often not the best available solution. The main problem is that it only treats the symptoms. Yes, the pills can numb you and take away the crushing sense of misery, but it doesn’t replace that with the happiness you remember from the good days before the depression began. Also, there is a risk you may become dependent on the medication and that it will actually lengthen the amount of time you are suffering from depression. Read more about Depression here

What help can Express Healing offer to treat your Depression?

When seeking treatment from all over the world there are many benefits that can be found by visiting a naturopath. The first and foremost is that a naturopath adopts a holistic approach that takes into account your full state of well-being, including your physical, mental and emotional health. The naturopathic approach to treating your depression is not simply focused on the symptom or the pain that has caused you to seek help, but aims to find the cause of that pain and eliminate it altogether.

Your naturopathic consultation will begin with a wide range of questions that seek to learn about your lifestyle, diet, exercise habits and many other things that can be a factor in causing depression. The naturopath will then build a healing strategy that is tailored specifically to your needs in a way that anti-depressant medication never can. This can include a number of remedies ranging from nutrition and physical therapy through to reiki and herbal medicines.

Depression treatment World wide!

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