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Autoimmune diseases are a disorder where the immune system is in a constant hyperactive state, perceiving body tissues or organs as the undesirable enemy. Immune systems in such hyperactive state would pick on a body organ or tissue and try to destroy it. Express Healing naturally treats disorders with the immune system. Contact Express Healing to learn more about Autoimmune Disease Treatment world wide.

Autoimmune Disease Treatment sydneyExamples of autoimmune disorders or diseases with an autoimmune component are: Crohn’s, Lupus, Diabetes, Endometriosis, Psoriasis, Ulcerative colitis, Myxodema, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Scleroderma, Fibromyalgia, Hashimotos, Grave’s, Allergies.

Traditional naturopathic concept relates disease processes to poor immunity, diet, intestinal dysbiosis with absorption of toxins from the bowel, chronic infections, long standing low grade anxiety, poor liver function, and ‘lymphatic congestion’.

Autoimmune disease framework treatment includes identification of causative factors in an individual patient, as much as is reasonably possible using:

The case history – particularly looking for indications of problems in apparently unrelated systems or organs. Childhood illnesses, especially serious or atypical ones are relevant, as are previous surgery or accidents, recurrent or chronic illnesses especially respiratory tract, urinary tract and bowel problems or weaknesses.

Diet is important because of 3 factors:

  1. a bad diet contributes to intestinal dysbiosis
  2. allergies and intolerances
  3. imbalanced diets can contribute to autoimmunity e.g. high sugar, fat or protein.

The cause of any given autoimmune disease will vary from patient to patient, so individualisation of the case is critical. The primary lesion and the sources of immune dysregulation should be identified as much as possible, a pursuit according to the defects identified.

Your Autoimmune Disease Treatment World Wide

Many doctors will prescribe prescription drugs, but alternative lupus treatments can also help fight symptoms of this debilitating disease.

There are several natural treatment methods that may be helpful. Studies have found that fish oils and omega-3 fatty acids help aid in the improvement of some lupus symptoms such as inflammation. They can be taken in the form of supplements or obtained by eating certain foods.

Some of the foods that contain fish oils and omega-3 fatty acids include flaxseed, salmon, tuna, halibut, sardines, mackerel, herring and walnuts. Fish oils help boost the immune system, protect the heart, decrease high blood pressure and help improve kidney function. The heart, blood pressure and kidneys are often affected by lupus.

Vitamin A and E are very useful alternative lupus treatments because they are powerful antioxidants that attack free radicals and help prevent damage to the body’s cells. Also, vitamin E may help ease inflammation. Garlic supplements may help prevent high levels of cholesterol. B complex can be used to help eliminate stress, depression, anemia and heart disease.

Calcium is another alternative lupus treatment that helps strengthen the bones and the functioning of the heart. Vitamin D helps absorb calcium in the body and boosts the immune system. In addition, vitamin D helps keep the bones healthy and strong and lowers the risk of osteoporosis which is common in those who have lupus.

Several minerals can be effective alternative lupus treatments. The mineral selenium helps lessen inflammation, bolster the immune system and helps combat other lupus symptoms. Many lupus patients suffer from rashes and other skin irritations, and zinc helps promote healthy skin. Magnesium aids in the prevention of osteoporosis and is used to help patients feel relaxed.

Green tea has a high level of antioxidants which helps to detoxify the system. To help reduce inflammation and joint pain, it is best for patients to drink two or three cups of organic green tea a day. Call Express healing for Autoimmune Disease Treatment today.

In addition to vitamin, herbal and mineral supplements, acupuncture should be considered as an alternative treatment option. Many patients with this disease have found that acupuncture helps reduce stress and ease joint pain. Also, acupuncture helps circulate the blood. Regular exercise is also very beneficial for alleviating stress that is associated with this disease. Yoga is an excellent exercise for reducing stress.

Before undergoing any of these alternative lupus treatments, it is highly recommended that a doctor or health care professional be consulted.

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