How to Treat Anxiety Attacks and Where to Find Natural Remedies or Medication for Treatment

There is no one single way to “fix” anxiety. At Express Healing, we offer natural anxiety treatment medication and believe that helping the body to heal itself is a way to help our clients move forward.

What is an Anxiety Attack?

Anxiety attacks can be terrifying and crippling, and they can stop your life in its tracks. You may feel completely isolated and confused, especially if you are experiencing your first anxiety attack.

Here are some of the symptoms of an anxiety attack:

  • Feeling like you are losing control with a pounding heart that won’t slow down no matter how much you breathe. When this happens, don’t try to take unusually deep breaths if it makes you feel like vomiting. Focus on simply getting your breath back to a normal rhythm, even if it means breathing into a paper bag to prevent hyperventilation.
  • Dizziness accompanied by confusion and derealisation (which makes you feel like you are in a dream), which can cause a sense of uncontrollable fear. When you experience derealisation, it is essential to find something to ground yourself. If you are in a private space, many people with anxiety find it comforting to lie on the floor. If you feel like the room is spinning, then put your hands flat on the floor and focus on how still you are lying. If you are in public, it may be helpful to stand in a corner or hold onto a pillar.
  • Sweating and trembling, which can lead to tightness in your stomach that can feel like you are about to be sick. If you feel like you are going to throw up, then head to the bathroom and let it happen if it needs to happen. Splash cold water onto your face or sit in the shower for a few minutes until you can calm down. A shower may also help if you are experiencing hot and cold sweats or the sensation of burning skin.

For someone experiencing persistent anxiety issues, these are often only short-term solutions. You can find someone to speak to about your struggles with anxiety to discuss ways to potentially find relief. Express Healing is here to help you with anxiety treatment.

Considering Natural Remedies for Anxiety Attacks?

Once you have managed to calm down, call on us. We are here to give you guidance on how to proceed. Our team is highly trained, and we all understand the daily challenges that come along with anxiety and depression. Anxiety attacks are not uncommon, and by simply hoping that they will go away, you may find yourself contending with the symptoms for months or even years. Seeking out natural remedies for anxiety attacks is always an option, supported by a professional team that cares about your health.

We take a holistic approach to combatting anxiety. Pills can help for some individuals, but anxiety is a delicate issue that we believe should be handled with attentive care. When you come to us, you will see a naturopath who will take time to understand your entire state of being–physical and mental. Once we speak to you and assess your situation, we will create a strategy of lifestyle, dietary, and exercise changes that will help you understand how to treat anxiety attacks and how to respond to their long-term effects.

Contact us today so we can help encourage your body and mind to recover with support and some lifestyle improvements.