Experiencing Anxiety and Depression or Out-of-Control Stress? Explore More Natural Treatment Choices

Stress levels are at an all-time high across the board. Is that so surprising, though, when one considers the hectic pace at which we live, and the many responsibilities we face down every day? Contending with these challenges can be difficult, and it may leave you feeling overwhelmed. It is not uncommon for those who experience high levels of stress to also develop issues with anxiety and depression. Whatever you think may be the reason you feel down all the time, the question on your mind is likely a simple one: how do I return to normalcy and feel like myself again?

Treatment using synthetic drugs, such as antidepressants, is often the first resort when you visit a physician. For some, this is a functional solution; for others, though, it is merely a bandage rather than a clear roadmap back to the positive mental attitude you once had. At Express Healing, we understand the frustration you may feel over a lack of consistent results or from the side effects of traditional medication. This scenario is why we instead provide a holistic approach to anxiety treatment. We seek to address your body as a unit, rather than merely trying paper over the problem. What can you expect to experience with our assistance?

Combining Herbs and Lifestyle Adjustments for Depression Treatment 

We employ a thorough assessment process developed over multiple decades of experience helping others feel better and rise above their illnesses. This process involves developing an accurate snapshot and an in-depth understanding of your current condition, both physically and mentally. Ultimately, our process aims at allowing us to understand the root causes of your issues better. This method enables us to deliver a better option for anxiety and stress treatment. Things we may ask you about during your initial consult could include:

  • Current dietary habits, including eating patterns
  • Exercise habits and general physical condition
  • Quality of sleep
  • Your overall lifestyle

Armed with this information, we will create a strategy that seeks to address your specific concerns. Often this involves a variety of different treatments, of which herbal supplements are just one component. Reiki may be another option, as will be changes we may encourage you to make on your own. A better diet and more exercise, for example, can have an incredible effect on the way you perceive stress. Working together to sort through these various options, Express Healing opens the door to a happier tomorrow.

Try Something New When Other Options Haven’t Worked

Frustration with the usual treatment options you find suggested for depression isn’t uncommon. In fact, it is part of what drives us to offer the service we do, and for that reason, you will find Express Healing prioritises your satisfaction and comfort above all else. Our personalised service and in-depth assistance can illuminate the alternative options available to you right now. To get started with an initial consultation, please use our contact form or request a phone consultation instead.