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An allergy is an example of a hyperactive immune system. Symptoms may include: skin eczemas, and variety of forms of mucous membrane inflammation (e.g. sinusitis, post nasal drip) food / digestive sensitivities. Treatment framework for allergies include: rectifying and modulating the immune system, getting rid of ‘leaky gut syndrome’, improving liver function and improving overall digestive function. Find out more about our allergies treatment world wide with Express Healing.

Here is an example of how immune systems can overreact: food gets ingested and gastrointestinal secretion is poor. Food is not broken down properly. Food arrives to the small intestine and colon and gut leaks undigested food particles into blood. White blood cells kick in fagocitosis in an attempt to get rid of a constant stream of such particles. As the flow of these never stop, eventually the immune system gets “tired” and “drunk”. As this occurs, the immune systems’ ability to distinguish between a healthy cell and a foreign body diminishes. The result of such a situation is a “friendly fire”. The immune system attacks one good target and one wrong target (for example, it may start destroying the body’s own cells). This results in inflammation and if not stopped, may progress to an autoimmune disease.

If no appropriate action is taken to modulate the immune system, a myriad of symptoms may kick in. These symptoms generally resemble those experienced in post viral chronic fatigue syndrome. The major difference being that the origin is from self-destruction not from a virus. Typical symptoms include an inability to tolerate smells, dizzy spells, fatigue, muscular aches, inability to concentrate, feeling of passing out after consumption of inappropriate food or inhaling of fragrances or certain chemicals. Digestive symptoms may include diarrhea, constipation, alternating diarrhea and constipation, bloating, flatulence, abdominal cramps and pain.

This further develops what is commonly known as “environmental disease” or “environmental allergies”. In some cases, an individual will get allergies towards specific offending agents. In some other cases, a broad spectrum of debilitating intolerance is being developed. This may weaken and incapacitate the victim to the point of necessity to live in an “igloo-like” situation and or being bed ridden. In a situation of comprised immune responses, overgrowth or unfriendly organisms such as Candida albicans takes place. This brings in a range of symptoms characteristic of fungal overgrowth and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Again, typical conventional medicine does not provide much of an answer to rectifying the problem. A variety of tests may be done, some relevant, some irrelevant. Any attempt to rectify the problem is limited to symptomatic approach, which is doomed to failure in the long term. My typical advice is don’t get drugged, get better.

Naturopathic approach in allergies that progress to environmental disease consist of: not only rectifying the immune system and digestion, but also bringing the victims’ life back to normal again. To do that you need to get rid of the fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression, anxieties, “vague brain”, etc. This is being achieved by appropriate application of “high velocity” liquid concentrated herbs – not tinctures – and therapeutic doses of amino acids, minerals, vitamins, lifestyle and dietary improvements.

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