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ADHD is a disorder affecting children and adults where the most common features may include: poor attention to tasks, impaired impulse control and delayed gratification, excessive activity and physical restlessness, or below average physical activity coupled with mental sluggishness. Some cases of ADHD have a combination of certain under active symptoms with certain overactive symptoms. ADHD is very likely caused by biological factors, environmental toxins, and food chemicals that influence neurotransmitter activity in certain parts of the brain. Genetic influence cannot be ruled out. If you or your close one is suffering from ADHD, contact Express Healing today for our natural ADHD treatment World wide.

I distinguish 3 ADHD types: Predominately Inattentive type, Predominately Hyperactive-Impulsive type and Combined type. Typically the Predominately Inattentive type and Combine type respond within a few days. The Predominately Hyperactive-Impulsive type start responding after a few weeks. The Holistic way is the only effective mode to get more permanent results. It includes all external factors such as food as well as environmental. I have never seen Ritalin, Dexadrine or other such drugs to cure ADHD.

Success in getting rid of ADHD depends on an attitude of the Mother/Father/Guardian, who may need counseling themselves to understand what heals ADHD. I frequently encounter the resistance from parents who often have addictions to medical drugs themselves. Those that are willing to bring positive change in themselves and in their children are rewarded with better health for the whole family.

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